Working Our Team

Mia Kennedy

A first generation entrepreneur and deeply passionate about real estate, Land Trades was born as a result of his lifelong involvement in this field, marked by over two decades of hands-on experience. Beginning his career as an individual salesman, he has been able to cultivate a loyal customer base, who trust him personally as a man of integrity and commitment. His visionary leadership, tremendous self confidence and zeal, uncompromising discipline and devotion for honouring customer confidence have been the factors fuelling Land Trades’ elevation as a market leader of repute.

Team work is vital for an organization to function consistently and deliver predictably. A well trained and well networked team is an asset for any organization. Over the years, Land Trades has developed a professional team dedicated to the common goal of achieving leadership through excellence. Our top management, who are the key decision makers, is adequately supported by a team of support staff, which includes engineers, designers, marketing executives, accounts people, customer service executives and admin personnel. At the operational level, our business associates include dedicated teams of construction contractors, architects, engineers, designers, chartered accountants and legal experts specializing in property matters who work with us for the seamless functioning and flawless execution of our projects.