Project Title

The best Investment on earth is earth.
  • Invest Rs. 2 Lacs in 1 acre Plot,
  • And get Assured 4 Lacs in 4 years.

How Does The Scheme Work

Our plan is very simple but unique...
  • Our investors can buy as small as one acre of land with us.
  • Our legal team is completely ready to answer to all your queries for documents and scheme.
  • Upon complete satisfaction of all your queries, we accept booking under this scheme.
  • We will register sale deed for 1 acre of land in your favour 7/12 extract will be on your name.
  • Sign an Assured Guaranted Returns Agreement with us.
  • Where in our customer promise to sell us that land back after completion of 4 years.

Salient Features

  Type of Investment High Potential Small Capital Investment
  Investment Scheme
Channelising small investments in real estate in the most promising corridor for gauranteed returns and giving security of ownership of land, thus making it an asset backed up investment.
  Minimum Investment One Acre
  Maximum Investment 100 Acres
  Payments Payment by DD at the time of registration of sale deed.
  Eligibility More than 18 years of age, Indian Citizen and NRI.
  Scheme Start Date 15th August, 2014
  Period of Scheme Open ended scheme