About Red Soil Farrms Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mr. Suresh Bhujbal

    Mr. Venkatasai Chalasany

    Mr. Yogesh Chavan

    Red Soil Farrms Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded and started by Mr. Bhujbal, Mr. Chalasany and Mr. Yogesh Chavan. The company mainly deals in projects in the Konkan region and has launched a project in the Konkan for dealing in land, property. and real estate. Mr. Bhujbal has worked in Real Estate and has a wide experience in land dealings, purchase and sale. Mr. Chalasany has been in the construction business over the last few decades and has a wide experience in the field of real estate and properties. Mr. Yogesh Chavan has pursued his education in International Business from MIT School of Management. With such varied expertise in different domains, our dynamic team offers you innovative schemes and promising deals in the Konkan region.

    Before starting this project, we had a through study of every aspect of the real estate business like legalities, Revenue Department rules & regulations and Developments among other intricacies, documentation, purchasing and selling procedures. The knowledge we have gained from our study and our experience in Konkan topography combined with a professional approach and most importantly our honest attitude makes Red Soil Farrms Pvt. Ltd. a great investment channel.

    Our mission is to become the best and trusted advisors and dealers for real estate dealing in Konkan with an expertise in Real Estate. We assure you that we maintain complete transparency in our deals. We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations without compromising on quality. You can hold our hand of trust and prosperity!.